Rediscovering Vision

I'm taking an art history class on Western Architecture this semester. In this class we are examining wonderful examples of architecture from pre-history to contemporary times. Amazing buildings abound all across the world. Funny thing though - I was no longer seeing the amazing building (Center for the Arts (CFTA), NMSU) that housed the class I was taking. A variation on the usual "familiarity breeds contempt" should be "familiarity breeds blindness (at least in photographers)."

That blindness was cured one morning after class as I was waiting around for a friend to go to lunch. I had my camera bag with me, as I usually do, and since I was bored I took out my camera and started looking around for something to shoot. Suddenly, I was overwhelmed with all of the cool details and subtle lines and motifs in the CFTA. Maybe the act of holding the camera was the catalyst I needed to really see the wonderful details and design all around me.

The world is filled with subjects (for photographers)...sometimes you just have to look.

Bannister and railing detail, Center for the Arts, NMSU.

Between Floors, Center for the Arts, NMSU